jeudi 13 décembre 2012


1.Turtleneck(Zara), blazer(vintage)2.Turtleneck & shoes(Zara), hat(H&M)3.hat, tee, bracelet, belt, shorts, shoes(H&M), vest & backpack(vintage).

-Name: Leszek 
-Age: 25
-Localisation: Poland

-Studies or Career or dreamy career:
Currently I have an ordinary office job, but I aspire to work in a magazine, possibly in photography and/or writing. 
-Must have items:
In general, I splurge on books. As for the garment, I eagerly hunt for shoes and skinny trousers.

-What inspire you?
Museums, cosmopolitan cities, fine art photography, films from the '50s and '60s, books, film music, fashion magazines.

-What is your ritual to take a good picture?
Coming up with a concept that allows a huge room for self-expression, hunting for a good location (possibly outside, in the woods, during golden hours), shooting, selecting best pieces for final editing.

-if you have to choose one of your pictures that you are really proud or maybe quite happy,which one it is?
I'm quite happy with my series "Dust of an old soul".
I had a good time experimenting with a flour and sunshine forcing itself through the window at the dark attic. The results look somewhat spiritual, I like the musings that those photographs evoke.

-and wich song you can relate to it?
So many! To pick just one, maybe "We Do What We Want To" by O+S
-Before ending this interview,i will share one of my favorite post from him since it matches perfectly my inspiration of the day. Take a look at these beautiful shots of a silent nature,the post is called Home and it's amazing how all is related,the song and the pictures.

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*all the pictures are not mine,they belong to Leszek

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