jeudi 6 décembre 2012

The LILAview : Rea

Salutation à tous,j'ai le plaisir de vous présenter la très stylée Rea  pour cette deuxième LILAview.
Avant tout qu'est-ce qu' une LILAview?vous vous en souvenez,non? c'est pas grave,comment vous en blâmer vu que la première date d'une éternité,jetez-y un œil( par ici); en gros c'est une interview à laquelle on répond avec le plus de photos possible.
Ce point étant éclairci,commençons notre interview.
Greetings to all, I am pleased to present the stylish Rea in this second LILAview.
Above all what's a LILAview? You remember, right?no? don't be rude with yourself since the first one was a long time ago, take a look at it (
here), basically it's an interview which you answer with the more pictures possible.
This point being cleared up, let's start our interview.

 1.Quel est ton style en journée?
 What is your style during the day?

My style is generally casual with sporty chic elements, which of course changes according to the occasion.

2.Quel est ton party look?
What is your party look?

                         An always classic little black dress would be the safest choice.

3.Quel est ton meilleur spot pour surfer ou profiter d'une belle vue?
What is your best spot to surf or to enjoy the view?
Pictures of Vouliagmeni in GREECE

At the moment my favorite spot to both surf and enjoy the view is where I live. I find Vouliagmeni(in GREECE) one of the most beautiful places in the world, with breathtaking view all over the town and the waves are perfect for all surf levels. 

4.Quel est ton must have pour cet Hiver?
What is your must have item for this winter?

Well I can’t really distinguish a specific item but my must have list for winter includes beanies & hats, a statement necklace, an oversized coat, something stripy and something burgundy.

5.Si tu en avais un,quel serait ton kit  de survie mode idéal?
If you have one, what would it be your ideal fashion kit of survive? 

Simple is always the best solution to everything, just add an accessory that will make the outfit stand out.

On summer I just put on my favorite shorts and a simple t-shirt and on winter it would be skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. Shoes and accessories are required to make the outfit stylish.

6.Quelle est une de tes tendances préférées tirée des défilés PE13?
What's one of your favorite trends from the SS13 fashion shows? 

I know it’s annoying but again I can’t choose just one trend. My favorites would be the baroque, the velvet, the emerald, the peplum and of course the sporty trend.

Merci à Rea pour cette entrevue en images,n'hésitez pas à donner votre avis et suggérer de 

nouvelles questions pour les futures LILAviews :)

Thank you to Rea for this interview,feel free to review and suggest new questions for future LILAviews :)

p.s: to see more about her check her blog


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  1. aww love the last drawing!!!!! did you make it? thank you soooo sooo much Olivia :D xx

    1. you're welcome dear,and yes you inspired to make this illustration :)

  2. I love Rena!
    She is amazing and very friendly and kind girl!
    And she has amazing style!

    1. yes she has a great style,thank you for your comment :)